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First Post!

posted 2 Jul 2011, 06:37 by Simon Waite
So where am I ?

Well ignoring the collections of little tech demos that have disappeared into the mists of time, not really that far...

  1. A very crusty galaxy generator that was converted and heavily modified from Carl Burkes java applet (yes, it used to be on a Geocities site, so an here's another backup link to the same page).
  2. A whole heap of spaceship models, that may or may not be used in the game.
  3. A developing C# game framework that sits on top of a renderer, such as;
    • Unity 3D
      • Unity 3D is a fantastic game engine with lots of middleware built in. It sure beats building your own game engine + physics etc.
      • It targets out of the box, for free, Mac and Windows (and a web-player for both), supports iOS, and Android, and even Consoles like the Wii, 360 and the PS3 - though I expect licenses for the consoles to be prohibitive!
    • XNA
      • This targets PC, Windows 7 Phone, and XBox 360.
    • Web
      • I'm not terribly interested in implementing this, but theoretically I should be able to make a ASP.NET target
      • This is opposed to the Web player that unity targets, of course :)
    • Terminal output
      • This is what I'm concentrating on *right now* - as playing around with models and shaders is too much of a distraction to share engine development with targeting unity.

What can the engine do as of now?

It has the following types of state
  • SplashScreen
    • Everyone has to have one of those, right?
  • Menu
    • The most common UI element
  • Quit Game
    • You'll have to quit at some point, right?
  • Star System Map
    • Displays a subset of the 100LY cube box, and allows you to select the system
  • File System Abstraction
    • So you can save games, cache things, etc without worrying what is located where
So, really not very much, though that's a lot of code to write :-)

What am I developing right now?

I'm generating star systems. The crusty system generator works incredibly well, but needs work to bring it up to date, and make it maintainable in some form.