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Ooops! I'm still working on it...

posted 30 Apr 2012, 06:16 by Simon Waite   [ updated 30 Apr 2012, 06:39 ]
Yes, umm ... I *am* still working on planet101.

I've also cast aside some code that I've been getting annoyed with for now. Namely planet generation, I still have to sort all that out but frankly it's rather a large chunk of code that can be replaced over and over. So back on the TODO pile it goes.

I've noted also that a couple of months after a friend tweeted about my p101 facebook page, notch announced that he'd like to do something similar. Thankfully he appears to have got stuck into writing a virtual cpu so people can code in the game. I'm not sure this has much to do with a 'space game like elite done correctly'. Still it irks me somewhat. If anything it's got me throwing more of my time and effort into this. Look even a google plus page!

Currently I have vague role playing game code with the ability to build items!

Now how to figure out how to edit them ... a game editor, or perhaps CSV from spreadsheets?