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Setting up automounting on the Raspberry PI

posted 27 Sept 2012, 05:06 by Simon Waite
So the non-optimised debian setup hasn't been working for me, so I'm using the raspbian distro now.

So I'll be using the udisks-glue package.

Just add a line with udisks-glue into /etc/rc.local just before the "exit 0" line

Then edit /etc/udisks-glue.conf to look (something like) this:

--- Start File ---
filter disks {
    optical = false
    partition_table = false
    usage = filesystem

match disks {
    automount = true
    automount_options = { sync, noatime, "dmask=0", "fmask=0" }
filter optical {
   optical = true
   usage = filesystem
match optical {
   automount = true
   automount_options = { ro, "mode=0444", "dmode=0555"  }
--- End File ---

  1. udisks-glue is running as root.
  2. To see optical devices as a regular user you require the mode/dmode automount options for non-root users to read them.
  3. As per the optical drives, VFAT disks need the dmask/fmask options. The rule probably won't work for non-VFAT drives.