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So far...

posted 30 Jun 2013, 02:54 by Simon Waite
Okay, I've picked this project up again - yay!

Working so far:
  • Raspberry PI (Model B, Mark I) running raspbian Wheezy
  • Mopidy + Spotify (So I can play tunes locally)
  • MiniDNLA (So I can serve non-spotify media to DLNA/uPNP devices)
  • USB3 Toshiba Hard Disk (2Tb, runs from  a powered usb hub)
  • TPLink Wireless dongles (with detachable antennas)
  • HostAP - to be a wireless access point
  • Netatalk - so my mac can connect to it.
  • SSH - so I can use scp/sftp to put files on the hard disk
What's not working:
  • WPA roaming (I want it to connect to a number of access points so it's wherever I am)
  • VPN
What's left to do:
  • Batteries
  • Clean shutdown
  • Charging
  • Waterproofing
  • Put it all in a nice box (I have a nice ammo box for this purpose)