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Random Game Demos

A sample of random game demos :-)

Skipped a week or two ...

posted 23 Oct 2011, 16:37 by Simon Waite   [ updated 23 Oct 2011, 16:47 ]

Or did I?

I spent some of last week rewriting the tunnel game as the initial reactions to the game were good, and bought the android license for unity. Erk. It's all a little broken as I had to essentially rewrite it and redo all the assets, and I got hung up on the control method. Still, I have ideas for that.

This weekend, I put some time aside for tools writing. I had earlier in the week been chatting to a chap (SteamPunk) on the unity3d channel on freenode who was doing a space game. As my big-huge-project-that-I-need-to-do is also a space game what he was looking for oddly coincided with mine. We had been given a link on procedural-based ship building (project description , webgl demo) by another chap on the channel (SuperPig).

After a little digging I found the source of the model parts, found an updated version and set to work writing something to extract umpteen (220ish) models from the original blend file. Okay, so I cheated and wrote an .obj group extractor instead. Alas quite a lot of normals are messed up, but I can deal with that. So here's the result. The android apk is a straight conversion of the webplayer, so don't expect it to behave fantastically.

Attack of the Ants! [part one]

posted 8 Oct 2011, 03:55 by Simon Waite   [ updated 8 Oct 2011, 04:09 ]

So this weekend(ish) I'm writing a much more complicated game. 

Ancient british geeks will remember 3D Ant Attack![wikipedia] :-)

So the gameplay is basically:
  1. Search city and find your partner. Guide them to the exit.
  2. Avoid the mutant ants

New things to learn/implement:
  • Animation
  • Procedural Generation of City
  • Weapons/Damage


posted 3 Oct 2011, 19:20 by Simon Waite   [ updated 5 Oct 2011, 17:14 ]

This is a game I knocked together over a weekend, inspired by Roboman's Missile 3D.

It's got everything, unbalanced gameplay, programmer assets, and a few misfeatures.

I doubt that I will do any more development on this game.

If you like the game, download the appropriate user-unfriendly completely untested archives for your computer:
(PS I've not got the hang of creating stand-alone builds so don't expect much to change on the input side of the startup dialog!)

  • Use the mouse to move around the screen
  • Avoid hitting the walls or the nasty spinning whirly things with holes in.
  • See how far you get! Your high scores are local to your browser/machine.
Older Versions
  • Play version 1.2 uses mouse, left mouse to turbo boost [Textures tweaked, Camera altered, and a disk rotations slower]
  • Play version 1.1 uses mouse, left mouse to turbo boost
  • Play Version 1.0 uses cursor keys (May not work on your computer due to procedural textures)

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