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Useful Information

Baud Rates

Modem type used: V.23 aka 1200/75 7,e,1 (7 data bits, EVEN parity, and one stop bit - as opposed to the usual 8,N,1)
Your modem will be able to recognise this, as it usually auto-trains when you send "AT" to it.

Dial up

Can't get your Prestel Terminal to dial up, because your cheap PABX doesn't support pulse dial?
  • Get your modem to dial your terminal (Say that it's on extension 101), then when you've picked up the phone with the terminal (# key on Tandata terminals), get the modem to answer!
  • ATDT101; <---- Dial 101 with Tone, semicolon tells modem to stay in command mode.
  • ATA <----- Answer, once you get CONNECT (some baud rate, which is usually your line speed NOT always the speed you've trained at!)
Of course if you can't do this, you'll need a double adapter and dial the number beforehand and then pick up on the terminal, and hang up the telephone when the modem answers.