Legal Stuff


Cookies are tiny bits of data that allow you to be interactive with websites and carry state between one page and the next. These are for example used to track you with adverts, and log into websites, and allow you to save preferences between visits. 


Other than tracking login information, billing, serving the occasional advert, and analytics we will never hand over any information to a third party about an individual, unless;

We will never add adverts, logins or any tracking features (such as analytics) to any app aimed exclusively at children (by which means younger than teenagers), or people considered vulnerable or at risk.


We dislike advertising as much as everyone else, though at times we may feel that it is the only way to monetise a product. We shall strive to make this as unobtrusive as possible.


To ensure the performance of a website and/or apps that we make, we will often use google analytics, or similar engine to track the use of our software. The only aspect that we do not control is phone vendor analytics (e.g. google play store) which often give us aggregate information of app usage and installs/update statistics. The privacy policy in this case will be under the terms of that devices EULA.


If you're playing one of my games, chances are I will be using unity ads and/or analytics to capture data to make the game a better experience. Unity's privacy policy can be found here: