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Post date: Sep 07, 2012 8:56:22 AM

Yes, the next bit of kit to try is the Raspberry PI

I'm trying the "Softfloat" version of the Raspberry PI based Debian install.

Currently I've installed usbmount (to mount the SD card when it appears on the usb bus) and usb-switcher to punt it into 3G mode.

So, it currently mounts, but that's about it. I can't seem to find the "cdc_ncm" but it according to /proc/config.gz it's compiled in statically ...

More voodoo than what currently know about at the moment. The last linux kernel I compiled was a 2.4.xx ages ago.

Oh, yes - a shout out to pi-suppliers ... I managed to lose my element 14 unit, no problem I thought RS Components told me a few weeks ago that I'll have one in ten weeks. The lovely chaps at Cool Components said they had some in stock, with immediate delivery. It angered me that a so called primary supplier of the PI couldn't get their act together and supply one as quick as element 14 (the other primary supplier on launch day)  and they were both (pre)ordered at the same time. 

I know that was very naughty of me, as I was only supposed to order the one - but I very rarely buy components in "ones" as I usually need them right away, so I usually buy in twos or threes. So, as Cool Components were so nice to reply to my rant on twitter I ordered from them as I wanted a couple of cases too. NEXT DAY DELIVERY - BEFORE 11AM I was a very happy geek. And the cases they sell are cool too :)

So now to read up on how to persuade the kernel to sort itself out and load the cdc_ncm driver!

Oh, and I'll post more pictures in a later post.