Step two. Configure Router

Post date: Sep 03, 2012 4:2:35 PM

So why do we want to duplicate the functionality of the E355?

Well, it's seems to be limited to five devices, as I mentioned in an earlier post that I have massive problems with that, I don't want to have to juggle tech to some arbitrary limit. Also, I'd like to support more services at some point (media streaming perhaps)

Like all the 3G dongles I've seen recently, they initially show up as CD-Roms then the "drivers" switch them over to being the actual device. In this case an Micro SD Card reader and a USB CDC device, in this case a USB ethernet port.

Initially I configured the WR703N as being a Wifi repeater, and that appeared to work. Alas the WR703N has a tiny tiny amount of internal flash, and it's easily filled up. So some devious things need to be done.

So, what we need to do is boot, twiddle the 3G modem so the SD card shows up, switch over to *that* and bring up the other services.

The initial packages I installed (to the best of my memory, as I was doing this late at night) were:

Of course the (32Gb) SD card was partitioned and formatted by a prior fdisk installation thus:

Well after bricking router "B", I plugged the dongle into a Ubuntu virtual machine, alas OpenWRT doesn't have "rndis_wlan, rndis_host, cdc_ether, cdc_ncm" which is required ... okay it has cdc_ether but none of the other modules - so development has stalled for now.