Intel Edison

Problems with DFU flashing the Intel Edison

Have you tried to upload the ubilinux distro to your Edison?

Do you get the annoying error on your mac/linux machine "Unable to allocate file buffer for firmware." when you're dfu-ing the image ?

Or does the "Ten minute upload" become instantaneous, but the root image is your previous one ?

Maybe it's saying "Could not read file" ?

That's because your image exceeds the RAM in your machine, (or the limitations of your architecture if the image is more than 2Gb?).

$ tar -tvzf ubilinux-edison-150309.tar.gz | grep ext

-rw-r--r-- daniele/daniele 1610612736 2015-02-27 10:34 toFlash/edison-image-edison.ext4

Yep ... 1,610,612,736bytes that's 1.5Gb of data.

So make sure you have enough swap, or memory allocated to your VM!

I'll haven't checked on OSX, but I'm sure that dfu-util supplied with homebrew is a 32bit and is likely to hit a similar problem. I'm guessing you'd have the same problems with a 32 bit windows binary too.