Bolting Stuff Together...

Post date: Apr 12, 2011 1:42:30 PM

I spent a couple of hours Monday and Tuesday (today) building the frame and bolting it together with the nylon screws and bolts. I've got one thing to say, "oww" those nylon nuts sure do hurt! I'll have to hunt down my needle nosed plyers to hold them to tighten them up. 

My motors don't fit - the metal cross mounts overlap somewhat on the wooden frame and almost sits comfortably. I suspect I'll need to get some spacers to fix this. 

I'll also need to glue the bits I should have glued (according to the instructions) But that's later, I'll probably have to unmount various bits and bobs when I install the electronics.

The feet/stand look horrible. I'm not fixing those to it, I'll have to have a look at regular heli skids or build something myself. Ditto the camera mount. The frame seems to be designed for + rather than X flying, which is a little confusing also.

As is, it's not bad for a very very cheap frame. There's plenty of space for the ESCs and other electronics ... how I'm going to